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Why traveling made me care about what really matters

Funny how we’ve changed in such a short time. The example is simple and can be done by everyone. We spend our whole lives believing in a lot, having our principles. But it’s great to know that what we believe changes as we mature.

I’ve been traveling for three weeks through Asia and I write this text sitting in a bar in Siem Reapat the Cambodia. During this period that I am here, I have see my world outside of it and that was enough to change my way of looking at life.

looking from afar, I could see up close the reality in which I belonged and I saw that what I gave extreme importance, in fact, is of no importance to me or to others.

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Realized that I lost sleep for no reason, I got stressed for no reason, I had headaches that I could have avoided and I trusted people who never deserved my respect. And besides, I was sure that the wheel turns with or without my participation.

I discovered that what I valued was often valued on an absurd scale by me and that people from outside, where I am now a part, did not care at all about what for me was the end of the world or did not even know that that existed. Sometimes we think that the world is that and when we realize it, no one in the world knows what that thing is.

I don’t belittle what I’ve done, but I believe there’s much more to be done.. Far beyond. I noticed how people limit themselves to their navel without thinking about the reality that lives next door or miles away.

Give importance to what really matters (Photo: Shutterstock)

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Now I give importance to the experiences I live. To the daily learning that this outside world has given me.

It is very small for us to live a life giving strength so that the dreams and goals of others are achieved through our efforts.. We need to live for ourselves and care about what really makes a difference in our lives.

Give importance to what really matters (Photo: Shutterstock)

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Can believe… That scolding from the boss, that weird phrase you heard or the millions of frogs you swallowed are nothing compared to everything life has to offer.. And how everything is an exchange. Do your part. Spend your energy on what you believe in and believe that the world will reward you.

One day, everything will be past and there will be no future. Your boss will no longer be a boss, the bagpiper will no longer be able to suck up and everything you’ve lived until then will be the best that’s left of you. The choices we’ve taken, the paths we’ve chosen. That will be our essence. Our memory.

Give importance to what really matters (Photo: Shutterstock)

Photo via shutterstock

Therefore, give importance to what really matters and believe that there are people, places and realities that live very well with or without our dramas. Always remember that your problems are not the only ones in the world, that the planet continues with or without our complaints and that much of what is now a drama will not matter at all in a very short time. Also don’t forget that it’s always time to believe and change.

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Adolfo Nomelini

Journalist graduated from PUC-SP and post-graduated in Communication in Digital Media, he is passionate about music, coxinha, television, his glasses and the internet. He has been working with online content for more than 13 years and spends much of his time “throwing his body out into the world, walking around and, by the natural law of encounters, leaving and receiving a little”.

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