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Why traveling made me feel more confident and secure

I never went to most radical person in the world. In fact, far from it. I’ve always liked my feet on some ground, even if it’s a plane, and when it comes to the sea, I just like to get in until the moment I have control of the situation.

But traveling I end up relaxing and doing things I would never do. Something that for many would be silly, for me is a great challenge. And not just when it’s radical things. During travel, we end up allowing ourselves to live experiences that we had never imagined.

balloon ride, swim with fish, go in a wind tunnel, take a surf lesson and reach 50 m from the sea floor in a submarine were some of the last experiences I had. Nothing that radical, but for me each one is a resilience. All with that feeling that I was able to do something that was difficult for me.

In fact, that feeling started when I traveled alone for the first time. It was a double debut. It was the my first solo trip and first international. At that moment I was the most insecure guy in the world. But getting there I allowed myself to enjoy, get to know, make mistakes and even cry. I came back here totally different. with more opinionwith less fear of everyday and with more sure that I could turn around. Anyway, I came back more courageous and confident.

During our travels, we entered other cultures and absorbed teachings that we had no idea existed. We shared bus seats with people we would never have the opportunity to meet one day. if we hadn’t left home to make that trip. We risk bringing up the subject and we even have the courage to conjugate English verbs in the participle.

Why traveling made me feel more confident (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

A walk around the hotel can be as rich an experience as spending hours in a museum.. Having to give that little push to go out there and count on luck to make everything work out. And usually luck is with us. Is wonderful feeling.

Traveling is having the courage to make mistakes. thing that we don’t usually accept in our day to day, in our social circle. It’s being able to turn to the wrong side of the street, trip and fall, say everything wrong to be understood, choose a shirt that doesn’t match the shorts, it’s try not to judge so as not to be judged.

And this is precisely what makes us have more courage and confidence to face our day to day when we return. To accept others and accept ourselves. Courage to move on and face the fears of the next trip.

That’s what traveling is: it’s being prepared for the new and open to the world. It’s coming back less prejudiced and more self-aware.

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Adolfo Nomelini

Journalist graduated from PUC-SP and post-graduated in Communication in Digital Media, he is passionate about music, coxinha, television, his glasses and the internet. He has been working with online content for more than 13 years and spends much of his time “throwing his body out into the world, walking around and, by the natural law of encounters, leaving and receiving a little”.

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