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Wrestling in Mexico City: A super fun program

THE lucha libre is a Mexican passion and whoever visits the country has the chance to see it live and have fun with the wrestling at Mexico City. Here in the Brazil she became known as telecatch due to the success of this program aired on television.

Seeing these masked fighters up close who dress up as superheroes is very interesting, it’s part of the Mexican culture. The crowd is such that in many moments you ask yourself “do they really think this is serious”? But therein lies the fun. They enjoy the performances. You too.

Two arenas in the Mexican capital receive thousands of fans and tourists every week, Arena Mexico and Arena Coliseo. We went to the first one, downtown. The space immediately draws attention, as it looks like a stadium.

Wrestling in Mexico City (Photo: This World Is Ours)

Wrestling in Mexico City (Photo: This World Is Ours)

We did the tour with Viator and it included transfer from our hotel to the arena, tequila shots, mask and tickets. The show lasted about two hours and we had a lot of fun, especially with the “non-superhero standard” fighters, such as dwarfs and overweight athletes.

Unfortunately it is not allowed to photograph or film with cameras, but the security guards end up releasing some flashes with their cell phone. There you can buy drinks and some food, such as popcorn. The frantic coming and going of the street vendors during the fights is reminiscent of the circuses in the countryside. They sell everything!

Wrestling in Mexico City (Photo: This World Is Ours)

Watching wrestling in Mexico City was an unforgettable experience. We highly recommend it to anyone who wants to visit the city.


Where: Arenas Mexico or Coliseo
When: Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays
+ Check prices and timetables on the Viator website

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* Journalists visited the site at the invitation of Viator

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