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Zumanity in Las Vegas: is it worth it?

Updated April 22, 2022 by Thiago Khoury

When I decided to watch Zumanity in Las Vegas for the second time for a moment I thought I might regret it, but no, I loved every minute of it, it was like I was there for the first time.

And I say more: I encourage a third. Swear!

Zumanity is the only Cirque du Soleil show for people over 18 years old. He’s sexy, extremely funny and very intimate.

I’ll try to explain how a millionaire circus made it into a sensual, fun and intimate show in Las Vegas – I hope I can do it!

(update: unfortunately Zumanity made his last performance in November 2020. “Mad Apple”, the new show that will replace him, premieres on May 27, 2022)

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Zumanity in Las Vegas

Zumanity is one of six Cirque du Soleil productions currently playing in Las Vegas. Of course, they all have their quirks, but Zumanity is probably the most different of them.

Zumanity debuted at the New York New York hotel in 2003 and since then it has had two shows daily: the first at 7pm and the second at 9:30pm (there are no shows on Wednesdays and Thursdays).

For those who don’t know about the rosary mass, Cirque du Soleil is the Canadian circus troupe that produces grandiose themed shows with music, lighting and special effects.

What Cirque du Soleil never has are animals, but everything else is possible and they love to push the limits of creativity.

With Zumanity is no different: Zumanity is a show full of surprising acrobatic numbers, but with an intimate setting that makes us imagine being in a small cabaret.

Ah, the master of ceremonies is not a man in a top hat, but a drag queen nearly seven feet tall; Edieor Mistress of Sensuality:

Part of the Zumanity cast with Edie in black
Zumanity in Las Vegas: is it worth it?
Zumanity in Las Vegas

Is Zumanity pornographic?

Not at all: Having a restrictive rating of 18 has absolutely nothing to do with pornography.

Zumanity in Las Vegas it is a sensual show, with nudity and language inappropriate for children, but it is above all a circus performance.

Of course, if you are offended by bare breasts, sexual humor, and displays of affection between men and women, in any case, this is not a recommended show. For those who like the idea of ​​being there, expect a circus of the highest standard, but with a lot of slutty.

An extremely funny circus

Cirque du Soleil shows often feature clowns who appear throughout every act. They usually do not have lines and function as a marker in the transition between acts.

Already in Zumanity the clowns are the main actors: they not only have lines but interact with the audience and have some of the longest numbers.

In addition to the master of ceremonies (who introduces several of the acts and has an interaction number of his own that is almost a stand up comedy), Zumanity there are five clowns on the scene: sex experts Dick and Izzy, the trickster Casanova and the Botero Sisters, responsible for the fifteen minutes of humor that precede the start of the show.

Cirque du Soleil’s most intimate show

As I said above, Zumanity has been running at the New York New York hotel-casino since 2003. Zumanity it has just over a thousand super comfortable red velvet armchairs around a small stage in the center.

By way of comparison, Cirque du Soleil shows (especially residents, such as those in Las Vegas) usually take place in grandiose theaters, with huge stages and seating for more than five thousand people.

The feeling is of having entered a cabaret smaller than it really is, even because the acts, as incredible as they are, take place in a very small environment – ​​like the one in which two naked contortionists jump, dive and sensualize inside a acrylic bubble:

Zumanity in Las Vegas
Zumanity in Las Vegas

With a lot of sensuality, all the acts represent different aspects of sexuality: exhibitionism, voyeurism, submission, discovery of sexuality…

The curious thing is that all this is told through an extremely diverse cast: a healed dwarf, men, women, blacks, whites, orientals…

And absolutely no one is there just to fulfill the quota: the healed dwarf, who until then seemed just a trinket to justify the orgy to which the name “Zumanity” refers, makes an aerial presentation that pays for the show.

Is it worth going to Zumanity in Las Vegas?

Yea, Zumanity is my favorite Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas.

I like Zumanity because he doesn’t try to be annoyingly perfect: unlike everyone else, he laughs at himself and doesn’t intend to outdo anyone else, besides being funny and full of slutty.

The night before the Zumanity I had seen One, the Cirque du Soleil show honoring Michael Jackson’s career.

One is beautiful (and amazing just like the one being honored), but after going to Zumanity we understand why Cirque du Soleil is so successful!

In Zumanity it is impossible to remove any part of the show or eliminate a character: nothing that is there is pointless, they all fulfill an essential function for the success of the show throughout the night.

Anyone who understands English will find it genuinely funny and can participate in the show which is completely interactive.

By the way, if you prefer to avoid interaction, avoid the front rows as well.

The number of contortionism of the character Casanova

How to buy Zumanity ticket at the lowest price?

I suggest you buy the ticket from Zumanity in Las Vegas in advance via the internet.

A lot of people ask if you can buy it on the spot, but of course this option leaves you at the mercy of over-the-counter prices, which are usually the highest.

If you are willing to run the risk of running out of money and want to try a last-minute discount, you can try to buy what you have available five minutes before the show starts – but of course you run the risk of not getting yours, especially during the summer. American and weekends in general.

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